About Us

about our company

Created in 2008 and formalised in 2010, Aidem Digital is a social enterprise, which as a Community Interest Company (CIC) specialises in developing and deploying digital media projects which have some kind of social impact.

Our mission statement is:

“To provide quality led digital media services with social impact and create jobs and opportunities for the disadvantaged.”

What is Digital Media?
A question that many may ask but few really know the answer to. From our perspective the answer is simple: ‘digital media’ is any form of media or presence produced with the aid of digital technology. This may be video, audio, a website, a brochure, email marketing or use of social media to promote your brand.

Digital Strategy for Business
Aidem Digital with its vast experience of digital media and how to deploy it effectively, makes sure that it offers you the most suited digital media solutions that are most cost effective and without the loss of quality.

Social businesses today are evolving where the need for digital strategy is an important aspect of their brand and the way they communicate locally, nationally and globally. Aidem Digital works closely with social enterprises, charities, public and private sector people businesses who need specialist support to employ digital strategies and marketing for their business.

Aidem Digital has a very good understanding of the language and culture of ethnic minorities in the UK and has found this is a major asset to anyone looking for support to address digital strategy needs within these communities or outside of them. With this focus in mind, Aidem Digital has developed a team of cross-cultured individuals both locally and globally.

Skills and Development
With young and unemployed people finding it harder and harder to gain employment due to lack of skills, social status or experience, Aidem Digital offers such individuals the opportunity to join the organisation as volunteers and on work experience programmes.

With a special focus on youth, unemployed people and ethnic minorities interested in developing their digital media skills, Aidem Digital actively aims to create job opportunities for such groups.

Tailored Services
With digital media becoming the most popular way of communicating information, Aidem Digital provides specific services tailored to the exact needs of any organisation or individual.

Be it video production, website design and implementation, mobile applications, digital photography, graphic design and printing, we can help you implement such requirements in the most cost-effective manner. For more information on our services available click on the Services page above.

Provider of Quality Solutions
The 21st century is fast changing the way information needs are being met and Aidem Digital is one name that is at the forefront, helping social businesses implement quality led digital media solutions, to address this change.