January 01, 2011  |   Portfolio   |     |   Comments Off on is an Aidem Digital online publication. It is a lifestyle digital magazine targeted at global communities of South Asian origin; primarily in the UK, USA, India, Pakistan and Canada, and all other audiences with a similar cultural mix and interests.

The term ‘Desi’ refers to any person who’s roots come from any of the South Asian countries. And when applied to the word ‘blitz’ which as a verb often refers to getting past or through something with successive energy and vigour, gives an ideal name to a magazine providing  ‘News,’ ‘Gossip’ and ‘Gupshup’ electronically.

Launched as a social media venture in 2008, the magazine aims to deliver quality rich content to primarily British Asian and Desi communities world-wide. Core objectives include providing feature stories, informative articles, exclusive video interviews and exposure to social events and cultural activities.

Content provided on the magazine includes British Asian news, Bollywood talk, vibes in Music and Dance, SpotLight star interviews, trends in South Asian Fashion, Health and Beauty tips, interesting information on Food and nutrition, and a special section for unique free Downloads.

The ethos of the publication is to provide a distinct media platform for aspiring writers, photographers, videographers and  journalists, to gain valuable work experience for their careers or boost their self esteem and ability.

The publication team caters for people from any community or level of experience, and is ideal for those wishing to gain media publishing experience. Therefore, school leavers, graduates, volunteers and unemployed people on benefits, may well develop new media career opportunities by gaining the skills offered.

There are no specific skills required to join the publication apart from good basic writing and numeracy skills. As long as you possess the enthusiasm as a creative individual and have the drive to succeed as a quality orientated contributor, that is what matters most.

Every person producing content for is seen as a valuable contributor to the publication, whilst at the same time, he/she gains a wealth of experience not possible in larger and hierarchically managed organisations. The approach provided is more ‘hands-on’ and gives opportunity to contributors to develop skills in a more responsibility led environment.

The magazine’s editorial team acts as a catalyst and mentors members of the team to develop and improve online writing, photography and journalistic skills by providing guidance and reviews for their contributions. An iterative framework is provided for every contributor with strict style and content guidelines to ensure quality assurance is followed at the highest level.

Contributors see their efforts develop from an assignment, to a fully published article on the magazine, all with full credits. This includes digital content that makes up an article including photographs and video content.

The aim is encourage contributors, especially those suffering from low self esteem, in-experienced individuals and people with special interests; to join and improve their confidence in writing and other media skills.

In return the objective is to build a resilient, loyal and passionate virtual team that will work closely with the editorial members to produce good quality content for the magazine.

To date this publication project has developed from strength to strength with over twenty contributors participating from around the world to produce over 360 articles across the ten categories of the magazine, and this number continues to grow.

The popularity of the magazine and its brand has dramatically risen amongst its target audience, and it is fast being recognised an excellent advertising platform for local and global businesses, who are using ‘advertorials’ (articles publicising products or services) as a very effective way of  getting their marketing message across to the readership. is one example of a community specific project backed by Aidem Digital, designed to meet the information and content needs for ethnic minority communities in the UK and beyond.

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Brief: To create and implement an on-line magazine lifestyle targeted at British Asians primarily which presents high quality editorial content inclusive of video.
Objective: To develop a recognisable on-line magazine brand amongst the British Asian community in the UK and beyond. To develop media, journalism and writing skills amongst the team of writers and editors, especially volunteers.

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