our services

Aidem Digital can help you address your digital media needs no matter how small or large the project in a very proficient and cost effective manner.

With an in-depth understanding of digital media strategies and creating on-line solutions we are confident that we can assist no matter how basic your requirement.

We have a special interest in social enterprises, public sector organisations, digital media skills development and supporting ethnic minorities and disadvantage communities. For these organisations and communities in particular, we can offer special packaged and customised services.

Our goal is to implement effective use of digital media to meet your project, marketing and brand development objectives. Working in a multi-cultural environment we provide services which overcome language and cultural barriers to address the real requirements.

We offer a friendly consultative approach to help translate your requirements into a digital reality. Using our experience of digital projects we can help answer the basic questions to the most difficult and challenging.

Services offered by Aidem Digital  include:

Filming and Video Production

Video is a very powerful way to market your business. Our filming and video production expertise will help ensure you get your business message across in the most effective, distinct and creative way.

Videos can be produced for online e.g. YouTube, DVD/Blu Ray or television broadcasting purposes. Examples include promotional videos for public and third sector organisations, animations, interviews, short documentaries, and graphic and effects based productions.

Social Media 

Be it Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Vine, Social Media can significantly increase your brand awareness which is out of reach compared with normal advertising channels. The real-time effectiveness of Social Media is a major tool to generate revenue and enhance business conversions.

We offer a customised service to meet your social media needs no matter how small or large your requirement.

Business Website Design and Development

A business website is the on-line window into your business. Having a good quality and usable website makes all the difference to your customers.

Our web development approach focuses on creating a website focused on conversions for your business and an exemplary experience for its visitors. Including mobile responsive designs and a modern and attractive look.

Thus, ensuring you get a website aligned to your business or individual needs. This includes the design, development and implementation of the complete website solution.

Email Newsletters 

Regular email newsletters are a very effective way of communicating your marketing messages to both new and existing customers.

So, if you are looking at marketing your products and services in this way, we can help you develop a specific marketing strategy using email newsletters. The services includes design and delivery of email newsletters.

Digital Photography

Good quality photographs are always an important tool for your marketing or advertising needs, and relying on stock photos can cheapen a brand. Therefore, we can help you develop a high quality library of original photos that you can use for your business, shot in a professional and creative manner.

Graphic Design and Print

Do you need original brochures, flyers, pop-up banners or online graphics designed and produced?

This service takes your brief and transforms it into a complete deliverable including printing if required.

Cultural and Language Support

If you or your organisation are in need of developing a better understanding of key ethnic minorities in the UK or vice-versa, or you have a specific business issue related to these communities, then this service can be tailored to fit your need of support in this area.

The service can include workshops to increase cultural awareness, translations and relationship building skills.

To find out more about how our services can help you, please feel free to get in touch by emailing us at or using our Contact Us page with your query no matter how simple or complex, and we will endeavour to respond to your request as soon as we receive it.